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Wild House Models 1/24 MEC Medical Bay Console Unit

Video: https://youtu.be/cZwFNuc9_K0

The MEC Medical Bay Console Unit model kit is a Resin kit with over 45 highly-detailed individual parts and includes a 1:24 scale Doctor figure in the kit.

The MEC Medical Bay Console Unit provides medical staff with the abilty to monitor and maintain the Stasis Chambers finctions remotely, and allow medical staff to control several different Stasis Pods at once. The Unit is self-contained providing advanced techniology including medical scanners and bio-function support for Human or Flexani physiologies.

The kit comes with over 45 Resin parts making up the Medical Console kit as well as 3 lasercut printed clear acrylic screens. Choose between human or alien touchscreen.

Full Colour Instructions are in the box as well as an Exclusive Metal Medic Badge.

The 1:24 scale doctor Figure consists of 2 Head options, a body, and two hands – one holding a data Padd.

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